Manchester City Council

Lincoln Square

  1. Size of location

    9m x 4m

  2. Description

    This small public square on Brazennoze Street runs between Albert Square and Deansgate with the majority of the area being pedestrianised.

  3. Nearby attractions and retailers

    Albert Square
    Town Hall
    Deansgate (bars and restaurants)
    Spinningfields (bars and restaurants)

  4. Nearest car parks

    Q-park Piazza, St James street M1 4LX

    NCP Sackville Street, Bloom street, M1 3LY

    Height restrictions may apply.

  5. Nearest toilets

    Central Library, St Peter's Square, Town Hall extension

    See for location and opening times.

  6. Vehicle access

    Vehicles can:
    • gain access for loading and unloading, but cannot remain on site
    • vehicle movement to and from Lincoln Square should not compromise public safety in any way
    • access the site via Deansgate or Albert Square through the fixed bollards
    • no vehicles can remain on site in this area; if your activity involves a vehicle that has to remain on site, this location is not suitable. 
    • Refer to the conditions of use for vehicle guidelines

  7. Loading times

    Vehicle access onto public spaces should be before 8am and leave after 6pm. Exceptions to this apply when consent has been given, or you have been instructed to move by us or the police.

    Refer to conditions of use for information about accessing and leaving the site.

  8. Address

    Lincoln Square, M2 5LF

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Was this page helpful?