Manchester City Council

Eccleshall Street, Oldfield Street and Bebbington Street, Clayton

  1. Reference


  2. Results

    The Order has been made. See notice and order.

  3. Consultation start date

    29 July 2016

  4. Consultation end date

    28 August 2016

  5. Summary

    The Public Spaces Protection Order is proposed to prevent recurring environmental crimes and anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of Eccleshall Street, Oldfield Street and Bebbington Street. This area has become subject to persistent and recurring large scale fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour which has had an adverse effect on the local residents and businesses. As a visible site on a main arterial route, this also has a detrimental impact on visitors to the area and those coming to the City Centre. The highways listed for closure are currently used as an alternative through-route, for traffic cutting through from Ashton New Road to Clayton Lane. Access routes to the neighbouring business premises, electricity sub-station and Metrolink stop have been retained and the roads listed for closure are not service routes nor primary routes of access. Accordingly the proposed PSPO will have minimal effect on the use of the highway or access to local businesses / properties servicing requirements. By closing the highway the alternative route is via Ashton New Road and Clayton Lane which is already the preferred and primary means of access.

  6. Documents and plans

    Statement of reasons, Street plan, Proposed notice and Draft order

  7. Area (see plans for exact location)

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