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    CityVerve is Manchester's smart city demonstrator led by Manchester City Council, developing new services using the internet of things.

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    CityVerve is Manchester’s smart cities demonstrator. Delivered by an outstanding line-up of 21 organisations from the public, corporate, SME and academic worlds – who have united to transform the city and create endless possibilities for the people that live and work there.

    The CityVerve Project brings together the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, deployed at city scale to deliver transformative benefits: new business and jobs for Manchester; better healthcare, transport and education; safer streets; and more engaged and empowered citizens.
    It was established in July 2016 with a two-year remit to demonstrate the capability of IoT applications and address barriers to deploying smart cities, such as city governance, network security, user trust and adoption, interoperability, scalability and justifying investment. Combining technology and business model innovations, it will create a real-life blueprint for smart cities worldwide.

    The consortium of 21 organisations – including Manchester City Council, Manchester Science Partnerships, the University of Manchester, Cisco, BT and other tech players – is backed by Government and Innovate UK.


    Genuine societal issues and city-living challenges are informing CityVerve’s infrastructure and platform architecture. This ‘bottom-up’ approach ensures this smart city is real and relevant to its citizens. What binds CityVerve is the ‘platform of platforms’ – a technology layer that will create a secure ‘catalogue’ of data that can unite applications. This will enable the intelligent collection, interpretation and use of data, coupled with a flexibility to accommodate the growing and ever-changing needs of a living, breathing city.

    On this platform, CityVerve will create dozens of use cases over the next two years, focused around four citizen-centric areas, ensuring digital solutions are needs-driven and add real value to the city:-

    •    Transport
    •    Energy and Environment
    •    Health and Social Care
    •    Culture and Community


    CityVerve is an ambitious project. We literally want to transform people’s lives, creating a smarter, innovative and inspiring Manchester. This will lead to new business and jobs for Manchester; better healthcare, transport and education; cleaner, safer streets; and more engaged and empowered citizens. Our ecosystem approach with people at the centre will bring to life how greater efficiencies, effectiveness, productivity and empowerment in a city can be achieved and enjoyed to help revolutionise city liveability and citizen well-being, business opportunity and a local economy. Through this, we will build a blueprint for other cities around the world to adopt.

    Financing and Resources

    With a budget of £16 Million, with nearly £10 million from Innovate UK, and the rest provided from our private sector partners, the project will leverage in extra funding and value during the 2 years of its duration.

    Scaling and Exit

    The sustainability of the platform and the continuation of the project’s aims and objectives is a key delivery component within CityVerve, with each use case developing a business case for beyond the duration of the project, and with a focus on how we scale this in Greater Manchester and in other cities in the UK and further afield.

    Collaborators and Partners

    Led by Manchester City Council, with Cisco, the partnership also consists of BT, Manchester Science Partnerships, Asset Mapping, Clicks and Links, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, FutureEverything, CollectivWorks, Ordance Survey, PrismTech, Republic of Things, Satsafe, Smart Gateways, Sparta Technologies, Spica Technologies, Telensa, Transort for Greater Manchester, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Siemens. We will be supported by IoT UK, Digital Catapult and Future Cities Catapult.


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