Manchester City Council

Christ Church: Pendlebury

  1. Births, Baptisms and Confirmations

    Baptisms-1859-1986- MFPR 1541

  2. Burials, Graves and Deaths

    Burials-1859-1986- MFPR 1544 or MFPR 2017Burials-1986-1988- MFPR 1544

  3. Marriages/Registers

    Marriages-1862-1913- MFPR 1542Marriages-1913-1926- MFPR 1543
    Marriages-1926-1950- MFPR 1543 or MFPR 2017
    Marriages-1950-1985- MFPR 1543

  4. Available online at

    Some registers available online:

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