Manchester regiment

  1. The Manchester Regiment was formed in 1881. It combined with the King's Regiment (Liverpool) in 1958, to form the King's Regiment (Manchester and Liverpool)

  2. What's available

    The Manchester Regiment Archives are held at Tameside local studies library. The museum's website hosts a good guide to searching for military ancestors.

    Hulme Barracks, c.1817-1914, was a base for cavalry soldiers near the city centre.

    We hold copies of the Manchester Regiment Gazette 1913 to 1958 (Local Studies 356 M5) on the ground floor of Central Library and several books on the history of the regiment. Note the reference number and ask a member of staff if you need help finding it.

    Our Local images collection also contains some photographs relating to the regiment.


  3. Related information

    Information about the first and second world war is also available in our collection.

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