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Eccles and Patricroft Hospital

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    The Eccles and Patricroft Dispensary was set up in 1877 and run from rooms in Byron Street, Eccles.
    In 1885 a hospital was built (in Cromwell Road, Eccles) and the dispensary changed its name to Eccles and Patricroft Hospital.

    The hospital came under the administration of the West Manchester Hospital Management Committee in 1948 as a result of the formation of the National Health Service (NHS).

    In 1974 the hospital came within the area of Salford Area Health Authority (Teaching), subsequently Salford District Health Authority and Salford Health Authority. The hospital was administered from Hope Hospital, Salford in 1980, and from Ladywell Hospital, Salford in 1984.

    The hospital closed in June 1985.

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  4. What's available

    We hold records for 1875 to 1975, including these patient records:

    • sampled case notes 1949 to 1975
    • admission registers 1923 to 1960
    • ward registers 1914 to 1965 
    • emergency registers 1913 to 1961
    • outpatients registers 1928 to 1933
    • operations register 1913 to 1965
    • x-ray registers 1931 to 1949
    • midwifery register 1943 to 1954

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