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Rose Hill Home

  1. Type

    Workhouse, Industrial school

  2. History

    Rose Hill, Longley Lane, Northenden, was acquired by the Manchester Board of Guardians and opened as an Ophthalmia School in September 1915. It later became a Children's Convalescent Home, and then a Residential Nursery for the under fives. The Nursery was moved out to accommodate the boys from Brookfield, and it became Rose Hill Remand Home from 11 August 1955.

  3. What's available

    No early records of Rose Hill appear to have survived. We do hold some records for Manchester Remand Home for Boys, Rose Hill, Longley Lane, Northenden (formerly Brookfield, Wilmslow Road, Cheadle), 1938 to 1990 (ref GB127.M579, restricted access).

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    To request access to restricted resources, email:

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