Withington Library

  1. Address

    410 Wilmslow Road, Withington, M20 3BN

  2. Telephone

    0161 227 3720

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  4. About this library

    Since 1927 our well-loved building in the heart of the village has had a formal, classical façade, and inside the vibe is friendly and informal.

    In 2018, we fully refurbished the library to make the space more comfortable and useful.

  5. Opening times for library

    We have extended the opening hours of the library with Open Plus. You need to register for Open Plus to take advantage of the increased hours. During staffed hours just bring some ID that shows your address, or your library card and sign an agreement. You will then be shown how the new system works.

    Opening hours:

    • Monday 8am until 8pm; Staffed 9am until 8pm;
    • Tuesday 8am until 8pm; Staffed 1pm until 8pm;
    • Wednesday 8am until 8pm; Staffed 9am until 8pm;
    • Thursday 8am until 8pm; Not staffed;
    • Friday 8am until 5pm; Staffed 9am until 5pm;
    • Saturday 9am until 5pm - Staffed; and
    • Sunday closed.


  6. Parking


  7. Location

  8. Regular Events

    • Tiny tots and toddler time, every Wednesday 10.30am until 11am, (term time only);
    • Age friendly coffee afternoon, every Wednesday 1pm until 3pm; and
    • LEGO club, every Saturday 2pm until 4pm.

  9. Services

    • Books for loan including other languages: Arabic, Farsi/Persian, Urdu;
    • Business Information Point;
    • Free wifi;
    • Computer facilities, internet access & free computers;
    • Health Information Point;
    • Language Courses for loan;
    • Local Studies Collection;
    • Meeting rooms to hire;
    • Newspapers and Magazines;
    • Parent and Carer Information Point;
    • Printing and photocopying including wifi printing;
    • Reading Group;
    • Talking Books for; loan
    There may be a charge for some services, fines and charges.

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