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Proposal for control of dogs - further consultation

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  2. Consultation start date

    6 March 2018

  3. Consultation end date

    20 March 2018

  4. Summary

    This consultation has now closed

    In August 2017, we asked for your thoughts on our proposals to keep and extend our powers for the control of dogs in the city. See dogs control consultation

    We received a lot of responses from this survey and we have taken your views on board. This means we have made some changes to our proposals. These are:

    • changes to the wording of the exemptions to make it clearer
    • removal of the exemption for guide dogs or assistance dogs from the order that restricts the number of dogs that one person can have under their control
    • removal of the list of charities who would train assistance dogs, and we’ve given a broader definition of what we mean by assistance dog
    • changes to the restrictions on some sports pitches so that dogs are allowed on them when they are not being used for sports, this gives dog walkers more chances to exercise their pets and addresses your concerns 
    • minor changes to the areas where dogs are excluded or have to be on a lead

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