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Crane permit

  1. Summary

    A permit is required if you want to use a crane on the highway (road/pavement).

    Only apply for a crane permit from us if the location fails within Manchester City Council check which council.

  2. Fees

    New application

    Cost of the permit is £56, this is for a maximum duration of 28 days.

    Each application is also subject to an Inspection fee of £56.


    If you require the permit for longer than 28 days, then a renewal application should be submitted and a further £56 for the permit is required, the permit is valid for a maximum of 28 days.

  3. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Apply for a crane permit

    Permit conditions

  4. Attachments required

    • Public liability insurance, minimum cover £10million; and
    • A scale plan of the site showing the position of the crane on the road/pavement

  5. Legislation

    Highways Act 1980 Section 172

  6. Validity and renewals

    The permit is valid for the period approved.

  7. Complaints

    Contact us in the first instance

  8. Email

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