Driver renewal - hackney carriage/private hire

  1. Summary

    You can only renew your application online. We will send you an email about five weeks before your licence expires. Use your ‘unique number’ from the email we send to complete the form online.

    Before making your application you must read: Driver renewal - stages to renew your licence.

    If you had a licence and it has expired, you will have to make a new application. We will fast track your application if you submit it within 14 days after the expiry date.

    DBS process

    You must register your DBS certificate with the online checking service so that we can make annual and spot checks while you are licensed. You can only register your DBS certificate with this service within 30 days of the date that your certificate was issued.

    If you’re not registered, or your DBS certificate expires part way through your licence, we will need to register you with our online providers CBS Ltd.  You will need to submit your driver licence renewal application at least 20 working days before the licence expiry date to give us time to register you, and then for you to complete your online DBS application.

    Find out more about the DBS process

  2. Fees

    £254 for a 3 year licence. 

    If you do not have a current DBS Certificate registered with the DBS update service you’ll also have to pay for an:

    • enhanced disclosure DBS application/certificate, £66.60 -  you pay directly to CBS Ltd (we’ll let you know how to do this later). You must complete, pay and submit the application before you attend your appointment.

  3. Application and guidance notes

  4. Processing and timescales

    See what dates we are processing

    You can submit your renewal application as soon as you receive your renewal reminder. If any of your documents have expired; Medical, DVLA summary or you need a new DBS, or you are not signed into the DBS update service this will delay the issue of your licence.


    You must bring to the appointment the following documents:

    • Current passport; Non UK citizen, please provide passport and visa;
    • ‘Right to work in the UK. Document(s) from either List A or List B, that shows you have the right to work in the UK as a hackney carriage or private hire driver;
    • DVLA driving licence photo card;
    • DVLA licence summary; you can find this using this link;
    • 1 recent colour passport photograph (no sunglasses or hats allowed);
    • 1 recent utility bill (no more than 3 months old) showing your name and address, (for example, gas, electricity, bank or credit card statement), mobile phone statements are not acceptable;
    • National insurance number showing your name issued by a government agency or a previous employer i.e. P45, P60;
    • Group II medical certificate (Medical form) - you do not have to have this until after you have taken your skills assessment unless you have a current medical condition that you need to advise us about; and
    • DBS Consent form - you will need to fill in the DBS Consent Form prior to us submitting your application.

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