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Market stalls - application for trading at New Smithfield Wholesale market

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  2. Summary

    To occupy a trading space at New Smithfield Wholesale Market for selling goods and services or to store goods you need to apply for a licence agreement.

  3. Fees

    None for the application however market occupancy charges will apply.

  4. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Apply to trade at New Smithfield Wholesale market


  5. Attachments required

    a) Proof of your legal right to work in the UK; b) Proof of address x 2; c) Public liability insurance policy document or NMTF membership card; d) Where applicable, provide proof of your registration as a dealer in second-hand goods or as a food business establishment.

  6. Processing and timescales

    Applications for occupancy at the New Smithfield Wholesale Market will be processed within 14 days, but this could take up to four weeks where the vacant space is subject to specific advertising timescales.

    Where there are no vacant spaces we will keep applications on file for a maximum of 3 months, and consider in future vacancies.

    Following approval, the applicant will be contacted to agree the occupancy start date and any space fit-out period, which will depend upon the completion of a corresponding licence agreement, and payment of any associated advance occupancy charges.

  7. Legislation

  8. Validity and renewals

    Licence agreements do not generally have an end date, but they can be determined upon seven days notice from the licensee (the trader) or the owner (Manchester City Council). There are no rights of assignment in licence agreements.

  9. Complaints

    Contact Markets in the first instance.

  10. Email

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