Table and chairs licence

  1. Summary

    You need a licence to use an area of public highway for the placing of tables, chairs and other furniture outside for customers to use whilst eating food and drink.

  2. Fees

    Annual table and chairs licence £309.

    There is an additional charge of £16 per square meter per twelve month period for the area of highway occupied by the table and chairs.

    Once your application has been approved we will advise the fees payable. All payments should be made via our website using the link which will be emailed to you.


    Table and Chairs licences are granted for standard hours only, these hours may not be varied.

    The standard times for which table and chairs licences are granted where the premises is not on Canal Street are as follows:

    • Monday to Sunday   Start: 8am     Finish: 11pm

    Where the premises are on Canal Street, the standard hours for which table and chairs licences are granted are as follows:

    • Monday to Saturday Start: 11am    Finish: 11pm
    • Sunday                   Start: 11am    Finish: 10pm

    Where the premises are on Canal Street’s extended area (canal side), the standard hours for which table and chairs licences are granted are as follows:

    • Monday to Thursday  Start: 6pm     Finish: 11pm
    • Friday to Saturday    Start: 1pm    Finish: 11pm
    • Sunday                      Start: 1pm   Finish: 10pm 

  3. Application and guidance notes

    Application form

    Guidance notes and conditions

    Notify us to amend business or ownership details or reduction of furniture and other equipment. If you wish to increase your footprint, a new application is required.

    We also now offer a simplified table and chairs licence which can be applied for here.

  4. Attachments required

    • photos or brochures showing types of furniture, umbrellas etc;
    • specification describing details, materials and colours (these could be notes on plans); 
    • an electronic location plan at 1:1250 scale plan showing premises; 
    • an electronic location plan at 1:50 showing boundary, kerb and building lines, points of access including the property, key dimensions, seating and other furniture layout; and
    • an electronic elevation plan at 1:50 or 1:20 with supporting detail if required to show the means of enclosure.

  5. Processing and timescales

    Where the application is not consistent with any of the spatial, location or environmental guidelines (see section 1-3 of the guidance notes); the applicant is strongly encouraged to seek pre-approval for the proposal from us.

    Upon receipt of a valid application, this will be subject to a 28 day public consultation which will commence within 5 working days.

    Where no objections are received (or representations are received and informally resolved) the application for a licence will be granted pending the confirmation of valid planning permission. Notification of this decision will be given within 5 working days of the end of the consultation period. Where representations are received (and not withdrawn) the application will be determined within 20 working days of the end of the consultation period.

    We will publish a notice in a conspicuous location at or near the premises to which the application relates setting out the period during which representations can be made. A copy of this notice shall also be given to the owner or occupier of any premises appearing to be materially affected. A minimum 28 day period from the date the notice is published will be specified during which representations can be made. Any relevant authorities shall also be consulted on the application as part of this process.

    All representations received within the period specified in the notice must be considered in determining the application. Where representations are received (and not withdrawn) a hearing may be conducted to determine the application. We may attach such conditions to the Licence as it sees fit. Consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.

    Where the application is granted, the licence will be issued once relevant Planning Permission and payment is received.

    Where the application is refused; upon Appeal, an appointed arbitrator will determine if consent has been unreasonably withheld.

  6. Legislation

    View the legislation

  7. Validity and renewals

    The licence is valid for 12 months and renewed annually.

  8. Register

    Contact Licensing to view the public register -

  9. Complaints

    Contact Licensing in the first instance.

  10. Contact us

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