Works on the highway and or use of temporary traffic lights

  1. Summary

    You require consent from us to undertake the following works on the highway:

    • Making temporary excavations;
    • Placing and retaining private utility apparatus;
    • Depositing building materials and/or equipment; or 
    • Using temporary traffic lights.

    We have the right to specify conditions relating to the consent for undertaking works on the highway (see the guidance notes for more information).

  2. Fees

    £280 - payment will be collected electronically before your licence is issued.

  3. Application and guidance notes

    Apply for consent

    Guidance notes and conditions

  4. Attachments required

    Public liability insurance

  5. Legislation

  6. Validity and renewals

    The consent is valid for the period approved.

  7. Complaints

    Contact Highways in the first instance.

  8. Contact us

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Was this page helpful?