Permission to work on the highways - section 278 agreements

  1. Summary

    If you are planning to make changes to existing highways you need an agreement under section 278 of the highways act or a simple section 278 agreement.

    If you are building new roads and changing existing ones – including connecting new roads to an existing highway – you need a hybrid section 278/38 agreement.

    Our online form will work out which licence you need.

  2. Fees

    We will not process your application until you pay a deposit:

    • Simple section 278 - £1,500
    • Section 278 - £3,000
    • Hybrid section 278/38 - £3,000

    We will contact you to inform you of any further charges.

  3. Application, guidance notes or terms and condition

    Download the guidance documents before applying.


  4. Legislation

  5. Complaints

    To the Highways Department

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