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  1. Summary

    Bookmaking activities can only be carried out on any track which is not an approved horse race course when the occupier of that track is the holder of a licence authorising the provision of betting facilities. The actual bookmaking operation at a licensed track can only be carried out by a licensed bookmaker.

  2. Fees


  3. Application and guidance notes

    You may wish to print off the guidance notes before completing the application:

  4. Attachments required

    1. Electrical Test Certificates for the general and emergency lighting installations, completed by an authorised electrician within 8 weeks of the application. 2. In the case of new applications, a copy of a letter from the Planning Department confirming the discharge of any planning conditions attached to the original planning consent. 3. 2 copies of plans of the site. 4. Completed Statutory Declarations giving details of any previous convictions of the Licensee or (where the applicant is a corporate body) any Director or Manager, witnessed by a Solicitor or other authorised official. 5. Copies of a notice published in at least two newspapers circulating in the area in which the track is situated (the Manchester Evening News and a local paper) advising of the intention to renew. Include copies of a notice displayed on the premises advising of the intention to renew.

  5. Policy

    To apply for a licence you will need to send a notification, two months before making a formal application to renew, to the Licensing Unit (the Authority), the Planning Authority and Greater Manchester Police of your intention to renew. The notification must include: 1. The situation of the track and the number and position of all exits; 2. The maximum occupancy figure for the track. A summary of the regulation relating to this licence can be found here:

  6. Legislation

    The licence comes into force at the beginning of the day on which it is granted, or on 1st January of the following year (according to the applicant's requirements). In both cases the licence shall remain in force until the end of the year to which it relates and shall expire on 31st December of that year. A new application will then have to be made for the following year. Please note: Applicants should be aware that the fee paid is the same regardless of whether the licence comes into force on 1st of January or part way through the year.

  7. Register

    Please contact Licensing in the first instance (

  8. Complaints

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