Beech Road Park

  1. Location

    Beech Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9FA

  2. Opening times

    From dawn to dusk

  3. Facilities

    • Children's play area
    • Multi use games area (MUGA)

  4. Play area (age group)

    12 & under

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  7. Dogs not allowed

    • Children's play area
    • Football pitch

  8. History

    Beech Road Park was once known as Chorlton Recreational Ground. The park was originally sited south of Beech Road until 1896, when Lord Egerton gave the present site to the Council in 1904 when selling the original recreational ground for the development of housing. It was on Valentine's Day in 1968 that the park acquired its first beech trees. 50 were planted by the then Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress together with local school children.

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