Commonwealth Games Legacy Documents

Archive of documents relating to the Commonwealth Games and its legacy.

Games Final Report (Volume 1: Executive Summary)

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Games Final Report (Volume 2: Sport)

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Games Final Report (Volume 3: Operations)

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Games Final Report (Volume 4: Communications)

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Games Final Report (Volume 5: Statistics)

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A Guide to Youth Provision in New Deal for Communities areas for Openshaw, Beswick & Clayton (2003)

  • 213.5 KB DOC

City of Manchester Athletics: The Future (c.2003). Brochure detailing how the opening of the Regional Athletics Arena and the implementation of the Manchester Athletics Plan will assist the development of sport in the city.

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New East Manchester Annual Report 2002/2003.

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The Effects of Sports Regeneration on Host Communities (November 2003). Research conducted by the University of Derby - a study of the costs and benefits to the community of hosting the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

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Passport 2k Final Report (Oct 2003). An evaluation of Passport 2k, an innovative activity programme for young people from disadvantaged communities which capitalised on Manchester's hosting of the 2002 Games by promoting community health and regeneration.

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Commonwealth Economic Benefits Legacy Report (September 2003). Report by Prosperity North West on the legacy of the CEB initiative which was set up to assist the sustainable growth of the North West region's economic base by utilising the Games.

  • 130.5 KB DOC

Sport, Recreation and Open Space Facility Strategy for New East Manchester (July 2003). Report by PMP - commissioned by New Deal for Communities (NDC) to address the principal recreational issues facing East Manchester.

  • 1.79 MB DOC

East Manchester Sports Action Zone Final Annual Report (July 2003). Document highlighting the successes of the Sports Action Zone programme (a long term project to improve sporting provision in East Manchester).

  • 4.89 MB PDF

Healthier Communities Final Report (Summer 2003). Report on the initiatives undertaken as part of the Healthier Communities programme-a project to provide capacity building support to community health projects and partnerships in the North West.

  • 814.7 KB PDF

New East Manchester Case Study (April 2003). A paper by Tom Russell, Chief Executive of New East Manchester, highlighting the issues surrounding regeneration in the area, outlining objectives and detailing progress to date.

  • 60.5 KB DOC

Sports Development Impact of the Commonwealth Games: Study of Volunteers (Pre-Games) (March 2003). The International Centre for Research and Consultancy's report on the motivations and expectations of volunteers prior to the XVII Commonwealth Games.

  • 611.47 KB PDF

Pre-Volunteer Programme Final Report (March 2003). Overview of the pre-games volunteer programme which aimed to involve people from disadvantaged communities in the Games.

  • 1.09 MB DOC

The Extent to Which the Commonwealth Games Accelerated the Social, Physical, and Economic Regeneration of East Manchester (March 2003). MSc dissertation by Lauren Newby, who worked as an Economic and Regeneration Consultant at DTZ Pieda Consulting.

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Manchester City Council's Lessons Learned (December 2002). Review of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester for DCMS, Sport England and Manchester City Council.

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Commonwealth Games 2002: A Cost and Benefits Analysis (October 2002). Report compiled by Cambridge Policy Consultants on behalf of Manchester City Council.

  • 83.5 KB DOC

A Tourism Vision for England's Northwest Green Paper (October 2002). An NWDA 'Green Paper' exploring the issues facing the tourist industry in the North West.

  • 1.19 MB PDF

NW2002 Hub Team Final Report (October 2002). An evaluation of the impact and return on investment for the public relations aspects of their marketing efforts across the Commonwealth.

  • 120.01 KB PDF

NWDA Regeneration Prospectus (March 2002). This document uses regeneration projects around the North West as case studies to demonstrate how the NWDA and its partners can approach the task of creating economic growth through neighbourhood renewal.

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