Neighbourhood investment fund (NIF) application

Complete this application to apply for a neighbourhood investment fund (NIF).

Do you know which ward you live in? If you're not sure, check which ward you live in as we require this information.

Before you start you will need:

  • details of two members of your group (address, contact number and email) They should not be related to each other;
  • permission from the land owner to use the land, park or building for your event or activity (if applicable);
  • if your application includes items over £500 then you will need to upload quotes/estimates. One quote/estimate is needed for any single item purchased over £500 and three quotes/estimates for any single item purchased costing over £2,000;
  • details of any grants you have had from us (in the last two years); and
  • if you are applying for funding to work with children, or vulnerable adults, you will need to upload your Safeguarding policy within this process.

You also need to tell us about your project, you can either:

  • upload a written statement describing what you want the NIF for and how it will improve your local area; or
  • complete the on-screen questions.

As part of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, we provide information about grants awarded to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations over £500 on our open data site (personal details are not displayed.)

Using this form:

You have about 20 minutes to fill in each page of this form.

When you go through the form, don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question. Use the 'Previous' button at the bottom of the page you are on.

Questions marked * can't be left blank