Sign up to be part of the Manchester Resident Website Feedback Group


At Manchester City Council, we want to understand how we can improve our website so that it is easier and quicker for you to use. 

We'd like to hear your views about what works well on, what doesn’t work well and what you want to use the website for. 

Your feedback will help us to improve our digital systems so that they are better in the future.

As part of this work, we want to invite you to let us know if you want to take part in our Manchester Resident Website Feedback Group. 

What will be involved

These workshops (in-person and online) will be taking place at a number of locations in Manchester between October 2022 and April 2023. Other residents will attend and attendees will take part in a group setting, with structured workshop discussions facilitated by our team. When you sign up, you will receive invitations to the upcoming workshops, and you are welcome to attend the one-hour workshop that is most convenient for you. 

After April 2023, we will also be asking for volunteers to help us test new digital systems, so the Manchester Resident Website Feedback Group will be an opportunity to contribute to how those services are designed. 

When you attend the website feedback workshop you’ll be asked to agree to the rules of participation:

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Be honest and polite.
  3. Keep an open mind and listen to everyone’s contribution.
  4. Don’t interrupt.
  5. Share your views but give others a chance to talk.
  6. Stick to the task at hand.
  7. Analyse and discuss ideas, not the person
  8. Leave phones in bags/ pockets and focus on the feedback session

Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

How to register and take part

Complete the Manchester Resident Website Feedback Group Sign Up Form by 16 December 2022, with your name and contact details. Places in the feedback group are limited, but we may invite you to take part in other feedback sessions in the future. 

In this form, you'll be asked to provide some contact details so we can share details of the Website Feedback Group events with you. See our privacy policy. 

Completing this form

When you go through the form, you have about 20 minutes to complete each page. Don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question, but use the 'Previous' button on the page you are on. Questions marked * can't be left blank. At the end, remember to press 'Submit form' to submit your details.