Child employment licence

Important information:

The employer or person responsible for the production must apply for the licence.

Apply to the local authority where the parent or carer pays Council Tax, if you are not sure check which council.

Before you use this form:

  • You must have completed the relevant Risk Assessment, information can be found on the NNCEE website.
  • The following items are required to be uploaded within this process:
    • Copy of birth certificate;
    • Risk assessment;
    • Passport style/size photograph (taken within last 6 months);
    • Consent letter from child's school (if relevant); 
    • Parent, carer or legal guardian declaration - completed by parent or legal guardian; and
    • Copy of the contract, draft contract or other documents regulating the childs appearance in the performances or regulating the activity for which this licence is requested.

About this form:

When you go through the form, you have about 20 minutes to complete each page. Don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question, but use the 'Previous' button on the page you are on. Questions marked * can't be left blank.