Get details of road status, usage, rights of way, plans and regulations

We can give you details about a road and the surrounding land, such as:

  • whether a road or alleyway is private or council-owned
  • a plan showing the status of the road
  • public rights of way 
  • proposed road improvements or widening scheme
  • proposed traffic regulation orders
  • proposed and existing road closures

A request is £134, including answers to five specific questions you can ask - additional questions cost £34 each (inclusive of VAT).

Only use this form to get information about about roads and adjoining land.

Find about land ownership at:

Find out about local land charges.

Using this form:

When you go through the form, you have about 20 minutes to complete each page. Don't use your normal 'Back' button to return to an earlier question, but use the 'Previous' button on the page you are on. Questions marked * can't be left blank.