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What is Environmental Education?

It's how we help people - of all ages - learn about environmental issues, either as part of their general curriculum based learning, or through specific activities.

We aim to help people better understand their environment and develop the knowledge, values, attitudes, skills and behaviours to improve it for themselves and future generations.

Why is it important?

Changes in the environment have - and will continue to - affect us geographically, socially and economically at local, national and global levels. We will see our towns and neighbourhoods change as we adapt to the challenges ahead and forge a sustainable future.

This makes educating the young about these changes essential. They will be the generation that makes the difference in how we tackle climate change, how we source our food and how we find sustainable and renewable energy sources, to name just a few issues.

They will need the skills and knowledge to face the challenges ahead and provide real, long-term solutions.


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