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Report a flood

When a flood happens in Manchester, we consider whether an investigation should be carried out. It's not our responsibility to resolve the flooding, we investigate the cause and notify any relevant authority.

If you have a problem from:

  • surface water (when rain water cannot get away quick enough through the grids and drains and begins to pond on the surface, this could be due to the grids or drains are blocked);
  • groundwater (where the ground is over-saturated after extended periods of rain); or
  • ordinary watercourses (such as small rivers, streams, ditches, ponds , small lakes and some canals which are unable to contain the volume of water, usually after a heavy storm or rain over an extended period of time).  

We are also responsible for coordinating emergency plans for reservoir flooding and ensuring communities are well prepared.

The land or property owner is responsible for maintaining private or unadopted roads. A list of contractors who undertake repairs or cleaning of drains can be found on the internet or yellow pages.

What we don’t do

When managing flood risk, the responsibility for land drainage and flood prevention rests with the owner and operator of the sewers, canals and other waterways.

We are not responsible for: 

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