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Community alarms and assistive technology

A community alarm is part of a range of equipment, called Assistive Technology, which can enable you to remain safe and independent in your own home. An alarm can be installed in your home to give you and relatives peace of mind that in an emergency, such as a fall, you can get help.  

Anyone can have a community alarm.

Installation is free, and there are two levels of service:

Monitoring only - £2.83 per week

When you press your alarm button or a sensor triggers, our operator will speak to you to offer advice and reassurance.  

If you need further assistance, we’ll get in touch with one of the two emergency contacts you’ve given us, or if it’s more serious, arrange for one of the blue light emergency services to attend.

Your two emergency contacts could be family, friends or neighbours, but they must have given consent for us to contact them 24 hours a day in an emergency. If you don’t have two emergency contacts, our Monitoring and Response option might be better for you.

Monitoring and response - £4.68 per week

The monitoring and response service is the same as monitoring only, except that instead of needing two emergency contacts, our Community Alarm response officers will visit in person to assist you. Our response officers have been trained in moving and handling techniques, and in the use of person-lifting equipment as promoted by the North-West Ambulance Service. We would still arrange for one of the blue light services to attend if it’s serious.

We can also arrange for a police-approved Key Safe to be installed if this is appropriate. This means our response officers can gain access to your home quickly and safely, and we can also assist emergency services to gain access in emergency situations, avoiding the need to force entry.

'Plug and Go' installation 

If you have someone who could come to collect the unit to set up at home yourself, you could use our Plug and Go service. In some cases, the unit can be up and running in your home the same day.

Other monitoring equipment (assistive technology)

We also have a range of other equipment which may help you to remain independent at home. This includes things like door sensors and bed sensors, which we can include as part of a community alarm package. What's appropriate for you depends on your circumstances.

Get in touch to arrange a service

If you think any of these options would be good for you, get in touch with us through our Contact Service - phone 0161 234 5001.

When you do, we’ll ask you some questions about the things you may be having difficulty with, as there might be lots of other products or services, as well as a community alarm, which could help you stay as independent as possible.  Some of our equipment is available free and can be organised by our contact officers, without needing a full assessment.

You might also like to have a look at Help and Support Manchester, our directory of services, opportunities and activities, many of which are free and could help to maintain your independence and promote your wellbeing.

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