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Equipment to assist with daily activities

Equipment to assist with daily activities can be any piece of equipment which will help to maintain your independence and promote your wellbeing. There are items of equipment available to assist with things like bathing, cooking and getting around both indoors and outside.

In order to decide what equipment would be useful to you, we'll need to ask you some questions about the sorts of activities you're having difficulty with. We can often identify what you need just through a telephone conversation, and then arrange for the equipment to be delivered. If it's more complicated, we might need to come and see you in your home to complete a more thorough assessment.

If you need equipment as a result of a phone or home assessment, there's no charge for it.

Get in touch to arrange a service

If you think you might benefit from some equipment, get in touch with us through our Contact Service on 0161 234 5001.

When you do, we’ll ask you some questions about the things you’re having difficulty with. There might be lots of other products or services, as well as a community alarm or assistive technology, which could help you stay as independent as possible.  

You might also like to have a look at Help and Support Manchester, our directory of services, opportunities and activities, many of which are free and could help to maintain your independence and promote your wellbeing.




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