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What is Family Learning?

Free Family Learning courses and activities take place in your neighbourhood and can help you improve your own skills and support your children's learning.  Some courses are just for parents or carers and in some, families learn together. Through Family Learning you can start to plan a better future for you and your children.

Why come to Family Learning?

  • To fill any gaps in your English and maths skills so that you can help your children with school and homework
  • To have fun with your children and get new ideas for things to do as a family
  • To prepare your children for starting school so that they cope better with the change from home to school and enjoy learning from the beginning
  • To understand how your children develop and learn from toddlers to teens, and how you can help them grow in confidence
  • To develop the skills you need to adapt to changes in family circumstances such as benefits, income and work
  • You can learn how to manage stress, communicate better, feel more confident and positive and set goals for your future

For further information please contact:

Anne Jacobsen

Download the Family Learning Course Guide 2018/19

Details of Course Descriptions for 2018/19

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