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Business & investment Relief and exemptions

Local discounts

Although most business rates rules are laid down by central government, the Localism Act 2011 gives us more flexibility. We can now help organisations in our city by granting local business rate discounts. Central government pays 50 per cent of the costs of these local discounts, we pay 49 per cent and the precepting authorities (the Greater Manchester Police, Fire & Rescue and Waste Disposal Authorities) pay 1 per cent.

When making a decision, we take into account if:

  • a discount will result in a substantial positive impact on residents and taxpayers in the city
  • the organisation will provide substantial and essential long term benefits to the community and to the council tax payer, for example, by increasing employment or improving local amenities
  • a discount could have an anti-competitive effect on other businesses in the city - this could happen if there are other businesses in the area which provide the same or similar services or facilities.

How to apply

Please write to us  to say why your business should get a local discount and give us all the details you think are relevant, including your contact details.

National Non-Domestic Rates Policy document - areas of local discretion

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