Consultations and surveys Give us your views on our plan for the future of the city centre

Manchester continues to grow as a unique, modern city, and we are planning ahead so that its growth continues, with opportunities for everyone to contribute to, and share in, the city’s success. 

We have a clear vision for the city centre and our plan outlines the development, direction of travel and priorities. It shows how key areas within the city centre could grow over the next few years, including for example: St John's; Spinningfields; First Street; Piccadilly; Mayfield and NOMA along with the other areas that matter to you.

The plan also outlines development opportunities for business, homes, transport, entertainment, shopping, the environment, parking, learning, training, jobs and work. We are keen to make sure that we haven’t missed any aspect of the city centre’s continued growth, so we would welcome your views on the plan.

Please take a look and comment. There is both a summary and - in more detail - our full draft Strategy for the City Centre.

One of the outcomes of this consultation was the City Centre review findings (item 4)  that was presented to the Excutive in February 2017.

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