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Consultations & surveys Closed consultation: Manchester Salford Inner Relief Route Improvement Scheme

The original consultation

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The Manchester Salford Inner Relief Route (MSIRR) is an essential part of the transport infrastructure that serves the Regional City Centre, diverting through traffic from the City Centre itself, for journeys that end outside its boundary, and effectively distributing traffic to car parks for journeys that end in the Regional Centre area.

The Scheme has been designed to address traffic congestion on this part of the MSIRR, including traffic heading towards the City Centre using Regent Road from the M602 and other areas to the west. The aim of The Scheme is to reduce the impact of congestion at the Dawson Street-Regent Road-Trinity Way-Water Street junction on its approaches and at adjacent junctions with a focus on improving capacity, whilst also enhancing the performance of the wider MSIRR.

The Scheme will deliver improved junction capacity and increase throughput to ensure delays, disruption and congestion in the area is minimised and capacity within the existing highway is maximised. Fully signalled pedestrian facilities are also to be provided and cycle routes through the junction maintained, either as a shared space or as a cycleway.

Increasing capacity will ensure that the MSIRR is able to fulfil its function of providing an attractive route for traffic wishing to travel around the City Centre. This will reduce congestion levels within the City Centre supporting its attractiveness for economic growth and development.

The improvement scheme has been developed to deliver several objectives as follows:

•    Reduce congestion within Salford and Manchester
•    Provide improved access to work
•    Support economic growth in Salford and Manchester
•    Support an increase in jobs
•    Improve the functionality of the MSIRR and provide an effective route for traffic wishing to bypass the city centre

The Leader and Senior Officers at Manchester and the City Mayor and Senior Officers at Salford have been briefed on the proposals and are in support of the scheme.


Scheme Proposals

This is a combined scheme with Salford City Council and comprises works at six junctions on or connected to the MSIRR, two in Manchester and four in Salford.  The locations of the six junctions are shown on the drawing below.


Consultation proposed map



A summary of the proposals at each junction is provided below.  Plans illustrating the proposals are appended to this report. 


Junction A – Dawson Street / Regent Road / Trinity Way / Water Street


•    Provides 3 lanes in each direction on Regent Road between Water Street and Ordsall Lane
•    Provides three lane turn from Dawson Street into Regent Road westbound
•    Toucan crossing facilities are provided on all arms of the junction except Water Street where an uncontrolled pedestrian and cycle crossing is provided
•    The standalone crossing on Regent Road is retained but converted to a Toucan crossing and is relocated closer to the junction
•    Geometric changes at the junction enable signal staging and phasing and stage timings to be optimised.
•    Reduction on Speed Limit form 40mph to 30mph
•    Extension of Double Yellow Lines at junction of Water Street / Dawson Street

Junction B – Regent Road / Ordsall Lane (in Salford)
•    Changes to signal junction plans to accommodate increase in number of lanes/capacity along the westbound section of Regent Road
•    Maintains all existing turning movements
•    Provides full Toucan facilities on all arms


Junction C – Regent Road / Oldfield Road (in Salford)


•    Banning of the left turn from Regent Road westbound into Oldfield Road southbound
•    Maintain Existing No Right Turn (except for buses) from Oldfield Road northbound onto Regent Road eastbound
•    Banned movements allow geometric changes to the junction layout and the size, shape and location of islands to enable signal staging and phasing and stage times to be optimised
•    Replace the existing full pedestrian stage with walk-with traffic pedestrian/cycle facilities
•    Maintain all other existing movements the junction


Junction D – Mancunian Way / A56 / A5067 roundabout


•    Provides additional lanes and permits additional manoeuvres at the roundabout including:
•    Two additional lanes on the roundabout between Chorlton Road and A56 approaches. One of the additional lanes provides a new right turn into the A56 eastbound (into the central reservoir area / cut through)
•    One additional lane between Mancunian Way off slip eastbound and the A56. The additional lane provides a right turn westbound into the central reservoir area cut-through of the roundabout
•    One additional lane between the Mancunian Way westbound off-slip and Chorlton Road
•    Provision of larger refuge islands on Chester Road to enable the rationalisation of the pedestrian and cycle facilities through the junction incorporating pedestrian/cycle demand facilities
•    Maintain all other existing movements at the roundabout


Junction E – Trinity Way / Hampson Street (in Salford)


•    Replace existing pedestrian and cycle facilities with Toucan crossings


Junction F – Hampson Street / East Ordsall Lane / Middlewood Street (in Salford)


•    Upgrade existing controlled crossings to Toucans and provide additional crossings across Hampson Street
•    Improvements to Middlewood Street to introduce segregated Cycleway/ Footway facilities in both directions, in addition to central reserves where needed to introduce turning facilities aimed at improving access to new development on Middlewood Locks.

Download a map and copy of the proposal.

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