Consultations and surveys Budget for Council services 2023/24 to 2025/26

Adult Social Services

Budget and focus 

Our budget this year is £185.475m with about 1,600 staff.  

Joining up

Our health and care services are increasingly joined up, and with shared budgets, so we’ve prepared these savings proposals alongside NHS partners who provide and shape adult health and care services in our communities.  

We’re focused on more health and social care integration to make health care provision fairer in all communities in the face of funding shortages, and of growing demand. We’re doing this by supporting Mancunians to be healthy, well and safe, improving health to reduce demand with neighbourhood teams connected to other services and supporting locally, delivering new kinds of care for those in need and those who are homeless. 

These services support Manchester people who most need help to live as independently as possible. This support ranges from advice and information to very intensive services and includes:

In the year up to September 2022 this budget provided long-term support for: 

  • 2,908 over-65s and 2,354 under-65s 
  • 1,196 adults with learning disabilities 
  • 759 adults with mental health needs 
  • 3,763 people we support to live in the community 
  • 978 people in residential care 
  • 521 people in nursing care. 

In the year up to September 2022 we provided: 

  • Homecare to 1,877 people. 
  • Supported accommodation for 688. 
  • ‘Shared lives’ live-in support for 183. 
  • ‘Extra care’ social housing with on-site care to 119. 
  • Cash personal budgets or ‘individual service funds’ to 979 people.  
  • 10,822 items of home equipment and adaptations to keep people independent.  
  • 8,212 blue badges.  
  • ‘Reablement’ for 1,641 people recovering from illness or hospital.   
  • 1,631 assessments for carers. 
  • 5,350 safeguarding enquiries. 

£5.575m savings proposed in 2023/24 (totalling £10.025m over three years)  

  • £750,000 redesigning supported housing, day services, transport and short breaks to focus on those with most complex needs, in-house support and more independent travel 
  • £1.6m staffing budget savings to reflect the fact that we will always have vacancies in our 1,803-strong workforce  
  • £200,000 from charging 50p a week more for community alarms and up to £10 a week more for ‘extra care’ housing services
  • £2.275m thanks to service improvements and redesigns making Manchester people healthier and more independent, which are starting to pay off with reduced demand which we expect to continue.
  • £500,000 savings by charging some disabled facilities costs to grants instead of Council budgets
  • £250,000 from changing how continuing complex health care is paid for  

See a full report detailing these proposed savings

Health Scrutiny Committee, 9 November 2022  - Budget 2023-26 

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