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What happens with my feedback?

We always want to hear what our residents have to say about our services and because you tell us what works and doesn't work, we can make our services better.

Here are some examples of ways in which your feedback led to changes in how we do things.  

At the Bonfire Night event held at Heaton Park I am fed up with the attendees who are parking inconsiderately on both sides of the road that I live on and blocking my driveway. I am aware that there have been signs put out to say resident parking only but I do not feel that these have not been enforced.

We apologise that this has caused you great inconvenience. We were not aware of the parking violations at the time of the when the complaint was raised. We have since then been able to dispatch a tow truck to remove any vehicles violated the resident parking scheme. We hope that residents will keep us up to date of any occurrences but we will monitor the area and continue to enforce these parking restrictions. We will also make sure that your complaint is borne in mind when we plan future events at the park.


My mother had the carers visit on two occasions out of four in the day that have been scheduled – Why was this?

Whilst we have been investigating into your complaint we discovered that the carer who was scheduled to attend the visits did not let her office know that she did not work Mondays. The missed visit alerts were picked up by a co-ordinator who asked another carer to attend via text message but did not check if the carer was available or if the text had been received. We have contacted the care agency who will be investigating this to make sure it won't happen again. We will, in the meantime, contact your mother with a full written apology explaining the reason behind this.


On 15 January 2016 I reported a disabled bay that needed to be remarked as it had faded and therefore people are parking there as they cannot see the marking. I have phoned three times to chase this up and have not received an update on whether the work has been carried out. I feel that I have been ignored and I am dissatisfied with the service received. When will the Council carry out this work?


Having looked into your case, it seems that the correct form was completed but it was then sent to the wrong department. We are very sorry for this mistake and we have spoken to the officer who sent your form to the wrong team to make sure that they know where these forms should go in future. After your three calls, the officers you spoke to did try to chase this up for you. It is also clear from your complaint that you believed that the job could be completed much more quickly than our officers could actually do this. The officers who you spoke to should have explained how long the job would take so that you would have a realistic timeframe for when they would be able to do the work. The bay has now been repainted and we hope this has resolved the parking issues you were encountering.


There is are not enough public toilets around the market after the Arndale Centre closes which is a problem when street markets are held. My staff and I have to deal with very drunk people who are making a mess of the toilets in my business. I have experienced the same problems at Christmas during the Christmas Markets and I would like there to be more portable toilets on Exchange Square whenever there is a bar on there.

We apologise that you have experienced such unfortunate events and we are already reviewing procedures on how to prevent this from impacting local businesses. The bars on the event markets close at the same time as the Arndale Centre so Arndale toilet facilities are available for use. These event markets will continue to be part of the CityCo led toilet scheme and CityCo will make sure that the number of toilets provided meets the needs of the customers attending. Markets will, in future, link their opening and closing times so that they match the opening times of the main toilet facility providers. Markets will also make sure that any portable toilet provisions are clearly signposted, so customers know where they are.


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