Manchester City Council

Council tax Empty property review

We have employed a company called CapacityGrid to review all the homes in Manchester that are in our Council Tax records as unoccupied and unfurnished for more than six months.

It’s important that Council Tax records accurately reflect who is liable for Council Tax at a property so that we do not chase the wrong person for outstanding money.

This exercise is also part of a Government scheme to encourage Councils to bring empty properties back into use for people to live in. We are rewarded for each empty and unfurnished property that is occupied or new home that is built.

If you are being billed for an empty and unfurnished property then CapacityGrid may contact you to confirm whether the property is still empty. If you don't respond in 14 days they may phone or visit you to do an inspection.

If CapacityGrid have contacted you about your property then you can confirm or update your details here.

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Was this page helpful?