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Protect your mobile phone

The real cost of having your smart phone stolen.

As the popularity of smart-phones has increased, so too has smart-phone theft.

It can cost hundreds of pounds to replace your phone, but it's not just money you lose. You also lose your personal photos, videos, memories and give thieves access to your social networks, text messages and emails.

Thieves use a variety of tactics to steal phones, from distraction techniques like hugging and handing out leaflets, to swiping phones from tables in bars and coffee shops and snatching phones out of your hand as they cycle past.

Make sure you don't become a victim by following some simple prevention tips:

  • Never leave your phone on the table in bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Don't text and walk - stay alert and be aware of your surroundings
  • Install a tracking application on your phone, it could help you trace it if stolen (or find it if it’s lost!)
  • Register your phone for free at This helps police to identify you as the owner and return your handset if lost or stolen.
  • Lock your phone using a PIN number to protect your data and prevent the phone being used if stolen (but steer clear of easy numbers such as 1234)
  • Keep a record of your IMEI number – you will need this if your phone is lost or stolen. Your network will provide this free of charge or - if you have the phone, enter *#06# into your keypad to find out the IMEI
  • Regularly back up your data and photos to your laptop or PC, so if your phone is stolen, you don't lose all of your precious memories.

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