Crime, antisocial behaviour and nuisance Request CCTV footage

You can request footage from the last 28 days from any on-street CCTV camera in the area covered by Manchester City Council.

Tell us what you're looking for

You need to tell us what you are looking for specifically.

Unless you have a court order, you can only get footage of yourself or someone you're representing. We'll edit the footage to protect the identities of other people.

If you have a court order, we won't edit the footage.     

We'll need details of the location of the CCTV camera you want footage from, as well as the date, time period and what you were doing in the footage.

We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to find what you want.

What you can request

  • footage of yourself or someone you're representing
  • footage of yourself (or someone you're representing) and a third party
  • footage of a road traffic accident
  • footage of something else

If we find what you want...

If we find the footage you want, we'll then ask you to send proof of your identity: passport, driving licence or other photo identification before we send the footage. 

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Was this page helpful?