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Sunday market & car boot (New Smithfield)

Casual trading at New Smithfield Sunday market & car boot

There is no need to pre-book casual trading spaces. Just turn up on Sunday and join the queue at the back of the market. 

Gates open from 5am and spaces are allocated from 6am. Trading is 7am until 2pm with the last public entry at 1.30pm. You must pay for your spaces by debit or credit card only, we do not take cash or cheque.  Please note we only provide a trading space.  Remember to bring your own trading equipment, such as a table and chair, rails or gazebo, which must fit within your trading space.

Casual trading on the Real Car Boot outdoor spaces

This is the perfect arrangement for traditional car booters selling unwanted household goods on an ad hoc basis. The outdoor trading spaces allow room to park your car or van, and for your table and chair.  The cost per space is:

  • £19.75 for cars
  • £26 for vans
  • £41.09 for large vans.

Casual trading on the Sunday Market

The Sunday Market is a large covered and outdoor space for retail traders to sell their wares - both new and used. This doesn't include the sale of fresh food (e.g. catering units, ice-cream vans or butchers meat) which is restricted to licensees. A trading space is around 6 metres by 3 metres and costs £41.09.

There are some restrictions to what you can sell, including the following, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • Counterfeit or fake goods
  • Android / Kodi and all similar TV streaming digi-boxes
  • All substances known and classed as ‘Legal Highs’ including poppers and laughing gas
  • Any drugs or anything related to drugs whether pharmaceutical or otherwise
  • Swords and knives, including any that are replica and / or ornamental, but excluding kitchen knives
  • Firearms and ammunition including any that are replica and / or ornamental
  • Explosive materials including fireworks
  • Off-road motorised vehicles
  • Anything of a pornographic, offensive or morally questionable nature
  • Accident and injury compensation claim services
  • Clothing that represents or promotes gangs, violence, drugs, firearms and ammunition
  • Hoverboards

Regular trading at New Smithfield Sunday market

You can apply for an 'early entry permit' if you want to use the same trading spaces on a regular basis at the Sunday market (this does not include the Real Car Boot). 

The permit allows the use of specified trading spaces throughout the six month permit period (April to September and October to March), when accessing the market between the early entry times of 5am to 5.50am. The cost of a 6-month permit is £288 which includes up to two trading spaces. The daily cost of each permitted trading space is £34.85.

The sale of take away hot / cold food and drink, ice-cream and butcher's meat is restricted to specific licensed spaces, which are generally fully occupied. When any of these spaces become available will advertise the details at the market.

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