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Local markets

Casual trading

You should apply for a casual registration agreement if you want to sell goods or services on a daily casual basis at one of the local markets, including the second-hand and mixed markets.  If your application is successful you will receive confirmation of your casual registration, which will allow you to attend the market on the day of trading and apply for a daily trading space.  Casual trading is available on the outdoor local markets at:

Regular trading

You should apply for an occupancy agreement if you want to trade from the same trading space, at the same market, every trading day.  Existing traders wishing to apply for an additional trading space or move to another trading space should also apply for an occupancy agreement. You can apply for an occupancy agreement at the following local markets (this does not include our second-hand and mixed markets, which are daily casual trading only):

What is an occupancy agreement?

  • A licence or a lease agreement is granted to a trader to use the specified trading spaces at the market on a regular basis, for the sale of the specified goods. 
  • Leases are issued at  Arndale, Church Street and Gorton markets for a maximum five years but can be ended with three months notice and include rights of assignment.
  • Licences are issued at Longsight and Wythenshawe Markets.  They don't have an expiry date and can be ended with seven days notice.  There is no right of assignment.

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