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Marriage in a Civil or Religious Building (other than Church of England/Wales) after 3 May 2021

New marriage legislation means that the way a marriage is registered in England and Wales changed on 4 May 2021.

There is no longer a marriage register to sign and you won't be given a Marriage certificate during the ceremony, instead you will sign a Marriage Schedule. This is a one-page document which contains the details of both people getting married which are needed to register a marriage.

The Marriage Schedule will be provided by the Superintendent Registrar in the registration district of your marriage and will contain all the details required to complete a marriage registration.

A Marriage Schedule will include the details of each person getting married: name and surname, date of birth, condition, address and occupation. You can record your mother, father or parents’ details on the Marriage schedule and in the marriage registration. There is now provision to include step parents.

Each person will still be required by law to give a notice of marriage and the marriage ceremony will remain the same, it is only the way in which a marriage is registered that will change.

  • The schedule will be issued by the Superintendent Registrar in the district where your ceremony is to take place after the notice waiting period.
  • If your ceremony is not taking place at a Religious Building, the Superintendent Registrar will retain the schedule until the day of the ceremony.
  • If you are marrying in a religious building, you must arrange for the Marriage Schedule to be collected and taken to the person who will perform the marriage at the religious building before your ceremony.
  • If you are marrying in the Church of England/Church in Wales you will need to contact the Church in the parish where you intend to marry.

After the ceremony

  • If you marry in a civil ceremony the registration officer will keep the signed Marriage Schedule and add the details onto the electronic register at the register office, at the earliest opportunity. They will let you know when the certificate will be available.
  • If you marry in a Religious ceremony, the relevant person from the religious building will return the completed, signed Marriage Schedule to the register office in the district where your marriage took place, within 21 days of your marriage. Once the completed, signed Marriage Schedule is received at the register office the details will be entered onto the electronic marriage register within the following 7 days; only then will a marriage certificate be available.

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