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Planning & regeneration Draft Tree Action Plan Consultation

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20% of Manchester is classed as being tree-covered, compared to a national average of 8.2% in towns and cities. Trees play a key role in defining the character and attractiveness of Manchester’s neighbourhoods, as well as having benefits related to biodiversity, climate and air quality, among others.  


Manchester’s original Tree Strategy and Action Plan was produced in 2006 to increase the understanding of the role that trees play in the City and to help encourage tree-related activity. Since then the understanding of the importance of green infrastructure to a thriving city has increased. As a result ‘Manchester’s Great Outdoors’ a Green & Blue Infrastructure Strategy, was adopted in July 2015. This covers all types of green infrastructure including trees.  


We are currently refreshing the Tree Action Plan which will form part of the way in which ‘Manchester’s Great Outdoors’ will be delivered. We want to make sure that we cover all the actions needed to enable the City’s trees to be cared for not just by the Council but by a range of stakeholders including interested residents and partner organisations.  






Documents and links:

Draft Tree Action Plan and Tree Action Plan Scrutiny Report 16 July 2016 Committee Report


Green Blue Infrastructure



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