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Regeneration in Manchester

Manchester City Council aims to continue to develop Manchester as a city of national and international significance where people choose to live and in which companies want to invest. The Council's Regeneration Division contributes to this ongoing process by:

  • Securing and managing a range of external funding streams from domestic and European sources to support the City Council's objectives, particularly those relating to the regeneration of Manchester and improvement in the economic and social prospects of its residents
  • Contributing through area regeneration teams to the development of an area regeneration focus in the co-ordination and delivery of the City Council's services and those of our key public sector agencies
  • Representing and promoting the City Council's interests within the new sub-regional and regional economic development and regeneration structures.
  • Working with neighbouring authorities and other parties to develop the City Pride partnership in order to secure better integration of regeneration investment within the core of the Greater Manchester conurbation
  • Fostering and supporting the development of voluntary and community organisations in the city to promote the economic and social well-being of local people
  • Developing and promoting the Regional Centre's role as a key economic driver for the North West of England and the centre of its economic, social and cultural life
  • Maximising the economic return, and the wider regeneration benefits, from the effective management of the City Council's land and property assets

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