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Why walk or cycle?


Here are some of the benefits for a child not being driven to and from school:

  • Quieter, safer roads - having fewer cars around school makes it safer for parents and children to walk or cycle on their journey to and from school. Fewer cars also means less pollution;
  • Fitness and health - children need at least an hour of physical activity each day, and walking or cycling to school is a great way to get some of that exercise;
  • There are also concerns about the level of pollution children are exposed to sitting inside cars in congested or slow-moving traffic. When planning a walking journey to school, it may be possible to find a route that is quiet or traffic-free, and walking through green spaces such as parks can make you feel calmer and happier;
  • Concentration at school - children who are physically active on the way to school burn off some of their excess energy and are more able to settle down and focus well in lessons;
  • Road-safety skills - good habits learned young are learned well. Teaching children to walk safely to school will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life; and
  • Socialising and independence - walking together with others means that children will have extra time in the day to build friendships and feel comfortable around other people. It can also be a time for parents to talk to other parents.




Schools can also request 'bikeability training' which is free, to find out more visit or email to book your schools place.

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