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Housing for older people

If you're thinking about moving, there's a wide range of housing available all over the city, so there might be something nearby if you don't want to move too far from friends and family.

Some flats or bungalows are for rent and some to buy outright or in shares that suit you. 

There are service charges, if you rent or buy a flat, to pay for maintenance of the building, shared areas and services such as scheme manager call-outs.  Not for profit landlords and private developers have flats and some bungalows available to buy or rent. 


These are usually for people over 50 and include studio apartments and one or two bed flats.  They are all self-contained and some have shared space for social activities.

If you want to rent from a not for profit landlord, you need to apply through Manchester Move.

Homes with support

Retirement or sheltered housing

These will have staff on call in case there is an emergency.  Staff may be on site some or all of the time but can be called if needed, 24 hours a day.  All properties are self contained.  A lot of these arrange social activities and many have shared areas for socialising.  Staff can help if there's an emergency but don't provide personal care.  You can make arrangements for personal care if needed.

Assisted Living or Extra Care

These homes are for people over 55.  Most have restaurants, cafes or shops that are open to everyone in the area and have shared living or activity rooms for residents.  Everyone has their own front door and plenty of space. 

Help is there all of the time for those who need it.  About a third of residents don't need any help with their daily living so it isn't like a care home - it's somewhere to stay living independently in your own home for longer.  This can be a good option to help couples stay together if one or both need support.

If you already have care needs, staff will do their best to help you stay as independent as possible.  Most properties are one or two bed flats and some are available to buy.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel have a list of properties in the city from not for profit and private landlords and developers.

To apply for rented housing from a not for profit landlord, visit Manchester Move.

New Extra Care Housing - Village 135 (Wythenshawe)

The Village will be located on the junction of Brownley Road and Hollyhedge Road and will consist of 66 apartments for affordable rent, 39 apartments for shared ownership and 30 apartments for outright sale.  The high quality facilities and extra care provision on site will enable older people to maintain their independence for longer, a key aim for most people.

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