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Join the Age-Friendly Design Group

The Age-Friendly Design Group is made up of retired architects, planners, design students and urban designers.  They meet every eight weeks.

Their objectives are to:

  • develop definitions of age-friendly design
  • develop a set of age-friendly design guidelines for our city that will evolve over time
  • test and hone these guidelines through a number of demonstrator projects
  • learn and understand how age-friendly design can work in practical application
  • generate interest and ownership from a range of partners in age-friendly design work
  • present and promote reasons for age-friendly design principles and criteria
  • influence how the city is currently designed so it is more age-friendly in the future

Examples of their work:

  • lead the age-friendly development of Alexandra Park
  • work with older people and Housing Trusts to develop and implement innovative age-friendly home design projects
  • innovative research, such as Age-Friendly Seating and Sense of Place and the Alternative Age-Friendly Handbook - a practical reference for all those interested in age-inclusive design of the city, produced in collaboration with Manchester Institute for Collaboration Research on Ageing

If you would like to get involved, contact the Age-friendly Manchester team at

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