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Pledges received from businesses & organisations

We have launched the Age-Friendly Manchester Older People's Charter to make our city a better place to grow older and to improve the lives of older people.

The challenge is for people, groups and organisations to embed the charter by pledging to do things, big or small, that make the city more age-friendly and better for older people.

Pledges received so far from businesses and organisations include: 

  • Hallé Concerts Society
    Pledge to deepen and broaden the range of age-friendly activities and events for older people: to offer more frequent Tea Dances at Hallé St Michael's, with new subsidised dancing classes to be run by our Dance Leader; to offer more regular 'Music workshops' where older people will be able to listen to specific members of the Orchestra and to talk to them about their musical life; to broaden our work with dementia parents, in a range of Greater Manchester health and care settings; and to offer a fuller programme of multi-generational activities including the Hallé Ancoats Community Choir, Gamelan workshops and an opportunity to master our new Halleoojamaflipaphone!
  • PossAbilities Homeshare
    Will make as many Homeshare arrangements as possible. Homeshare brings together people who have a spare room and would like some light support in their home with people looking for accommodation, who can provide such support. The scheme supports older people in their own homes for longer, delaying or preventing the need for residential care, helping them feel safer, less isolated and more connected to local activities and people. As an intergenerational housing scheme, Homeshare breaks barriers between generations, helping to share great life skills and knowledge.
  • Wythenshawe Good Neighbours and Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre
    Pledge to lead on the roll out of Lone Star Dining, a social eating scheme for older people. We will be creating a local network of social eating spaces for older people who may not have friends or family to dine with. We will be extending their network of friends and helping them navigate their community. Older people enjoy the whole social aspect: the sense of occasion, anticipation, dressing up, being served, the manager and staff recognising them and addressing them by their first name. Being able to go out for lunch and pay for it is a normalising experience that helps older people to feel connected to their community.
  • Ashton Rains Estate Agents
    Will make changing homes a stress free experience by guiding and advising in a professional and friendly manner helping downsizing and moving into new appropriate accommodation.  We have well trained friendly staff who champion the changes on behalf of clients to hold their hand at each stage of the sale and purchase process.  This will ensure older people are in the right house for them to enjoy a relaxed life without the worry of a larger, ageing house.
  • Courtyard Café, Wythenshawe Park
    Pledge to maintain a safe and comfortable venue for older people to feel welcome.  All of our staff will play a part by creating a welcoming atmosphere for older people to sit and enjoy a book read from our book exchange library.
  • Southway Housing Trust
    Will deliver our Age-Friendly Strategy to improve the quality of life for our older residents. Using the World Health Organisation’s Age-Friendly cities principles, our projects support older people to participate and drive changes in their neighbourhoods.  We support partners and community-led organisations delivering local initiatives to tackle isolation and loneliness. We are improving and increasing housing options for older people in south Manchester and creating neighbourhoods where older people feel involved, valued and safe. We will continue to work strategically across the city to support the age-friendly movement, sharing our learning with others.
  • Manchester Libraries
    Will continue across the city to deliver and develop their vast array of activities and services for older people, including: Working alongside leisure colleagues to promote the Dementia Friendly Swimming project, with front line staff having received in depth training.  Other dementia-friendly activities also available at some locations; arts and craft groups, including some with visual impairment; IT learning sessions; reading groups; age-friendly building design and plenty of suitable seating; provision of space for a wide range local community groups, including work with local ‘Good Neighbour’ groups; advertising local age-friendly events; historical interest groups and exhibitions, also including local and family history plus Archives+ at the City Library; provision of large print books; volunteering opportunities for older people; development of reminiscence boxes at libraries for loan to care and residential homes.
  • Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Square
    Will make sure older people are fairly represented in our work on stage and are supported in accessing our space and programmes. We will continue to support people living with dementia to attend our venue by creating more Dementia Friends within our organisation and encouraging groups and individuals to attend our Relaxed Performances. Our resident Elders Company is our flagship programme for older people to feel included, make connections, learn new skills, make work and have a creative voice.  We are currently developing our intergenerational work to promote creative collaboration between members of our resident community companies: the Elders Company and the Young Company.
  • O2, Market Street
    Pledge to run two sessions per week aimed at improving IT skills for older people.  We will work with organisations across the city, including Age-Friendly Manchester, to help ensure the courses meet the needs of older people in Manchester.  We aim to have these sessions in place by August 2016.  These courses will help improve IT skills amongst older people currently with little or no IT knowledge, helping them to perform basic but important tasks like paying bills online, ensuring they can use the Internet and email safely, and that they are able to make the most of social media, games and communication applications for their enjoyment and to help reduce loneliness and social isolation.
  • George House Trust
    Will continue to run the Health, Wealth and Happiness Project - a service that supports people over 50 living with HIV. We have funding until the end of June 2017. We support the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of the people who attend the project. We offer group work and workshops tailored to meet the needs of people growing older with HIV. We also provide a peer mentoring service. The project also aims to inform age-relevant services about some of the key issues related to ageing with HIV and support with best practice.  The project aligns with the principles of the Older People's Charter and in turn helps to make Manchester more age-friendly.
  • Firbank Pub Kitchen, Wythenshawe
    We will continue to provide a free space, food and beverages for the members of the Wythenshawe Good Neighbours group to hold weekly community lunches. We will continue to support seasonal celebrations by providing free and subsidised meals in the spring, summer, autumn and Christmas seasons. We will make it known through our social media networks, local press, word of mouth, posters and marketing promotion that a bowl of soup and a roll can be purchased at a reduced price for older people and their carers any day of the week.  Pubs create a sense of belonging, a favourite seat and a friendly bar person, a place to eat and meet friends.
  • Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service
    Will, through their free 'Safe and Well' visits, help older people with issues such as staying well, reducing the risk of falls, keeping warm at home, staying safe from fire and with social isolation.  This work is being carried out in conjunction with Public Health England.  As well as signposting people to other agencies and services they will also look to reduce risks during initial visits, where appropriate.  The overall aim is to make all older people safe, well and independent in their own homes for as long as possible and aims to help reduce the demand on the NHS, the police and social care services.
  • Heathfield Hall User Group
    Will work with the University of Manchester to conduct an evaluation of their project and produce a document that illustrates the history of the hall and the benefits to older people of attending activities at Heathfield.  They will build upon current activities by starting a dementia café and will host a summer festival and a winter 'hotpot' event.  They aim to increase membership by 15 members this year.  Their members report an improved quality of life and health.
  • North City Nomads
    Will appoint a Management Committee, taking on a full management function by the end of 2016/17, to eventually become a constituted organisation. They will deliver four trips during this period and will train four additional volunteers to become coach coordinators.  This will help to reduce loneliness and help people feel more socially connected.  Members have made new friendships and know more about local opportunities.
  • The Whitemoss Club
    Will continue to deliver their activities and luncheon club and aim to grow their membership by 20 members this year.  Members of club feel more connected and have improved access to information, helping them to live independently and enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Get Ready for Work
    Will ensure that older people have access to meaningful support, information and training if they are looking for work, helping to keep people of all ages represented in the Manchester workforce.
  • North Manchester Health Forum
    Will hold a community conference to look for ways to make Harpurhey a more dementia friendly area.  It will pool ideas from local people, carers, support workers, health care professionals and anybody else who lives or works within the Harpurhey area with an interest in improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.
  • Northwards Housing
    Commits to supporting and promoting the principles of the Older People’s Charter. We will use the resources at our disposal to improve the quality of life and well-being of our older residents, to make them safer and more secure, to involve them in the development of services which affect their lives, and to challenge negative and stereotypical perceptions by celebrating their diversity and individuality.  This will make Manchester more age-friendly by promoting positive and inspiring stories about our older residents will help to increase awareness of the value older people add to our society, as well as inspiring others to try new things.
  • Waites Construction Company
    To install more age-friendly benches and notice boards in Old Moat.
  • The Stroke Association
    Will run Stroke Cafes for stroke survivors and their carers across Manchester. 
  • Wythenshawe Hall
    Will set up keep fit classes for older people and to install more benches. 
  • Adactus Housing
    Will add an age-friendly page to their newsletter. It will allow any over 50s to know what activities and events are happening locally.
  • Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art
    Will support their students to take up work with older people.
  • Manchester Age-Friendly Design Group
    Will work on improving home design for older people.
  • Whitemoss Community Centre
    Will run a new programme of work for older people.
  • Tesco
    Will review how they work with older people in developing their branding and marketing.

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