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Know the difference between the vehicles

 Hackney Carriages (black cabs)

  • London-style cabs which are wheelchair accessible;
  • can be flagged down on the street, at an authorised rank, or can be pre-booked;
  • display white front and rear taxi licence plates; and
  • charge metered fares that are regulated by the Council.

Private Hire Vehicles (mini cabs)

  • White or silver saloon or minibus vehicles which display yellow front and rear private hire licence plates;
  • display yellow stickers with the name of the private hire company;
  • charge fares set by private hire companies; and
  • can only be pre-booked through a private hire company (they are not insured to carry you unless pre-booked!)

For your safety, only ever use licensed vehicles as we have ensured that the drivers have been fully checked. All drivers will be wearing their license badge - view the taxi register.

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Was this page helpful?