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If you are pre-booking a private hire vehicle, check the cost before the journey commences:

  • We regulate hackney carriage fares and approve fares for private hire. All vehicles are fitted with a fare meter which must always be used, except in the circumstances below;*
  • All hackney carriages must clearly display a council-issued fare card inside the vehicle; and 
  • All private hire vehicles must clearly display a fare card inside the vehicle, which must be used.

The fare meter should not start until all passengers and their belongings are safely in the vehicle.

No additional charges can be added by the driver if payment is made by debit or credit card, the fare card is currently being updated to remove this wording.

List of private hire and hackney carriage companies

*If a journey finishes more than 4 miles outside the boundary of the City of Manchester, the fare must be agreed with the driver before the journey commences. This is an agreed fare between you and the driver; it is custom and practice for drivers to quote fares for these journeys at meter fare plus one third.

If you are unsure if the area you are going to is in or out of the boundary, ask to see the driver's copy of the "compellable area map", which has the areas highlighted. The green line denotes the city council boundary whilst the blue line denotes the limit of the compellable area.  

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