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Hackney carriage replacement vehicle - does not comply with the current 'conditions of fitness'

Any vehicle that is replacing a licensed hackney carriage vehicle either at renewal or during the currency of the licence *must comply with the current Hackney Carriage Vehicle Policy, Conditions of Fitness (CoF).

The following recommendations were agreed by the Licensing and Appeals Committee on 26 February 2018, in relation to Section 11 of the Hackney Carriage Vehicle Policy (Conditions of Fitness).

Section 11. Exhaust Emission Standards
When a vehicle is first licensed (including a replacement vehicle) it is expected to meet (and maintain) the current or immediate previous Euro emission standard. This standard must be maintained throughout the period that the specified vehicle is licensed.

The following decision was made:

1.      Aan exemption to section 11 of the HCV Policy will only apply to hackney carriage vehicles that have been purchased prior to 8 February 2018;
2.      That any such vehicle must fully comply with all other aspects of the current hackney carriage vehicle policy except for the Euro 5/6 emission standard;
3.      That such vehicles must pass the mechanical vehicle inspection on the first occasion with 3 or less major fail items or with body work that meets the Council’s current ‘exceptional condition’ criterion;

In relation to Hire Companies who purchase vehicles to replace accident damaged or mechanical failure hackney carriage vehicles:
4.      Hire Company Vehicles can only be used for replacement vehicles for hackney carriage licences:

  • where the vehicle has in the previous year (8 February 2017 to 7 February 2018) supplied replacement vehicles to Manchester licensed hackney carriage(s);
  • can supply vehicles, purchased prior to 8 February 2018, that comply with all aspects of the hackney carriage vehicle policy except section 11; and
  • can continue to supply such vehicles until 7 February 2019 after which all replacement vehicles must be compliant with all aspects of the hackney carriage vehicle policy.

5.      Any vehicles whether purchased by a company or an individual proprietor on or after 8 February 2018 must comply with all aspects of the current Hackney Carriage Vehicle Policy.

Where a temporary replacement vehicle has been licensed to replace a repairable accident damaged vehicle, the original vehicle can be reinstated on the licence in accordance with the conditions of fitness in place at the time the vehicle was first licensed. Where the replacement vehicle does not comply with the current CoF these applications must (can only) be considered by the Licensing and Appeals Committee.

The most important thing is to ensure that the vehicle licence is renewed before the plate expires. Applicants must not purchase a vehicle before they have been to the Licensing and Appeals Committee.

What you need to do:

Submit the renewal application form (before the licence expiry date) with the 'proposed replacement vehicle details' completed (if it's a new vehicle - then all the details may not be available so please advise the make and model, together with a dealers letter/document that the applicant is planning to purchase. Application must be paid for.

In addition the comparability with Manchester CoF form  must be completed and submitted.

Once the paper work has been received  a report will be prepared and the applicant asked to appear before the next available Licensing and Appeals Committee. This should be done at least 2 months before the expiry of vehicle licence.

Replacement of Vehicle (during currency of licence):
Applicants wishing to replace a vehicle during the currency of the licence the same process, as outlined above but using a 'replacement vehicle form and the attached comparability with Manchester CoF form'.

After Committee:
Provided the Committee decision is favourable the applicant will need to submit a V5 document with the new vehicle details. Once this has been submitted the application will be processed.

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