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Hackney carriage vehicle - general information

Within this page we have provided some general information, it is not exhaustive and proprietors are reminded that it is their responsibility to:

  • Read and keep up to date with all current policies and conditions;
  • Ensure vehicles are maintained to the required MCC standard, view the vehicle inspection manual; and
  • Regularly visit the dedicated taxi web page for updates, information and guidance ​

General information:

  • All payments should be made online;
  • A vehicle licence lasts for a year;
  • An expired licence does not exist;
  • The licence (which is the plate) expiry date cannot change;
  • The vehicle licence must always​ be renewed, (regardless of whether a replacement vehicle is being put on or the licence is being transferred) at least 10 working days prior to the expiry of the existing licence as a new vehicle application cannot be submitted due to the restricted number of hackney carriage vehicles in Manchester;
  • A proprietor may, during the currency of the licence replace the vehicle i.e. when a vehicle has been in an accident and requires repair;
  • A replacement vehicle can also be put on at the time of renewal; and
  • A vehicle licence cannot​ be transferred if the licence has expired or has been suspended or revoked.

Beyond the age vehicle:
A vehicle that is over 12 years of age can remain licensed provided that it meets the exceptional condition criteria as decided by the Licensing and Appeals Committee.

  • A separate form has to be completed;
  • The extension only lasts for a year;
  • The vehicle licence must also be renewed; and
  • Beyond the age forms must be submitted with a renewal form and payment received. If the vehicle is not suitable the proprietor will be advised that they can either :
    • Appeal to the Licensing and Appeals Committee; or
    • Replace the vehicle with a more suitable one.

Current make and model vehicles:
All new and replacement make and model of vehicles licensed as a hackney carriage in Manchester must conform to the current ‘Manchester Conditions of Fitness’, these are contained in the Hackney Carriage Vehicle Policy (HCVP).

Any applications for vehicles that are not currently licensed must be considered by the Licensing and Appeals Committee - the Committee can decide (where there are strong reasons) to depart from the HCVPolicy and allow such an application.

Current vehicles on fleet/applications for new make model vehicles:

  • London Taxi Cabs - TX series including the new electric TX6:
  • Mercedes Vito Taxi - these were previously on fleet - when the new HCV Policy came in they did not comply as they had no swivel seat. Currently licensed vehicles are ok - any new (see below) would have to comply with the policy;
  • Metro Cab - there may still be a few old vehicles on fleet;
  • Peugeot E-7 ES XS; or
  • Ford Tourneo Custom (Pro Cab) - is now fully compliant with Manchester Conditions of Fitness and can be licensed as a HCV (must be black in colour and have manufacturers signage on side ‘Taxi’) - Cannot have any advertisements.

Mercedes vito taxi CDI compact:

  • Is not fully compliant with the Manchester CoF. Pending a full review (including 12 weeks consultation) of the CoF individual applications to have current hackney carriage vehicles replaced with the Mercedes Vito taxi CDI Compact have been considered are being considered by the full Licensing and Appeals Committee - each application on its own merit. Details of the process for any such application (or an application with a vehicles not listed above) are available on the taxi web page within the ‘Latest taxi trade news’ section; and
  • The licensing of these vehicles can only be determined by the Licensing and Appeals Committee. If licensed they must be black in colour and have manufacturers signage on side ‘Taxi’ - cannot have any advertisements.

New/replacement vehicles:

  • Must comply with the current Hackney Carriage Vehicle Policy.

The HCV policy states: Exhaust emission standards:

When a vehicle is first licensed (including a replacement vehicle) it is expected to meet (and maintain) the current (*​currently Euro 6) or immediate previous Euro emission standard (*​currently Euro 5). This standard must be maintained throughout the period that the specified vehicle is licensed. *​These will change as Euro emissions change.

Accident damaged vehicles:
The following statement details how we will deal with accident damaged vehicles: Where a temporary replacement vehicle has been licensed to replace a repairable accident damaged vehicle, the original vehicle can be reinstated on the licence in accordance with the conditions of fitness in place at the time the vehicle was first licensed.

You can check the *current Euro emission of a vehicle using this link: relates to TX vehicle’s - please use the vin numbers to provide the Euro standard - this takes into account of a vehicle that may not have been registered until a year or two after it was manufactured.

Vehicle Vin Number (last 6 digits) found on V5 document:

From        To           Euro

102767 - 150000 = Euro 2                       

150001 - 200000 = Euro 3 Level A

200001 - 211499 = Euro 4 Level B

211500 - 215999 = Euro 5

216000 - Current = Euro 6

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Was this page helpful?