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Changes to the Immigration Act 2016

As part of the Immigration Act 2016, a duty is placed on us to carry out face-to-face checks with all applicants to make sure that licences are not issued to people who do not have the correct 'right to work' documentation.   

The new legislation relates to Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Drivers and Private Hire Operators. In addition we will continue to review all applications for hackney carriage and vehicle proprietor to ensure that they have the right to work (be self employed) within the industry.

What will this mean?

All applicants, new or renewal, will be invited to bring original documents required by the Home Office to an application appointment where an officer will check the documents to make sure:

  • photographs and dates of birth are consistent across documents and with the person’s appearance in order to detect impersonations
  • expiry dates for permission to be in the UK have not passed
  • any work restrictions to determine if the applicant is prohibited from holding a licence
  • documents are genuine, have not been tampered with and belong to the holder, and 
  • reasons for any difference in names across documents (e.g. original marriage certificate, divorce decree absolute, deed poll), these supporting documents should also be photocopied and a copy retained by us. 

The officer will then take a copy of the documents produced and they will be retained by us. See what documents are required

Where there are 'No restrictions' on right to work in the UK, we will not have to repeat these checks on subsequent renewal applications, or licence extensions.  

Where there are restrictions on rights to work in the UK, a licence will only be issued (subject to statutory limitations) up to the expiry date of the permission to work. We will then check the immigration status each time an application is made.

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