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Taxis & private hire Surrendering or cancelling a private hire licence

How to surrender or cancel a private hire licence

If you no longer want a vehicle to be a licensed Private Hire Vehicle, please follow these instructions:

  • Take the front and back Private Hire Vehicle Licence Plates, together with the current paper licence to the garage at Lawton Street, Openshaw, Manchester. M11 2NS:
Shared Services Vehicle Workshops
Manchester City Council
Lawton Street
M11 2NS
  • The staff will take the plates off you and stamp the paper licence as ‘cancelled’ and return the paper licence to you for your records.
  • The staff will also tell the Taxi Licensing so that a refund of any fees can be processed for you, if appropriate. If a refund is due, this will be sent to you in the form of a refund against the card you used to pay the fees. If the card has expired a cheque will be raised. Only the fees for the unused tests will be refunded.


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